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Hi friends,

I love this time of the year in Los Angeles, where the skies are clear and the wind, just a little bit chilly. Can't believe that February is already here. I'm still signing my cheques and letters '2013' and having to correct them.

I'm excited about adding 'writer' to my list of roles :) I have a new weekly column on the website and this column is my 'journal' of sorts, where I explore how the themes of love and sacrifice are intrinsically intertwined in this intersection between the roots and wings of life. Intrigued?
Here's the first column :

I'll also be serenading love songs on Valentines Day under some Supertrees in the Gardens by the Bay in Singapore. It's going to be a fine romance. Hope to see ya :)

Rainbows and roses,


Corrinne sings "Lucky" With Jason Mraz

Corrinne with Jason Mraz @ GBTB, Singapore

Lyric Video "Just What I Was Looking For"

"In The Bleak Midwinter" @ Peets, Tarzana

Corrinne Sings "Just What I Was Looking For"

What's New

RE: New website is up! 

Dear Friends,
Our new website is up! I hope you like the refresh. :)

Corrinne is busy prepping for her big concert on June7th at the Esplanade Hall. She's meeting our lighting designer (it's a surprise, but he's a BIG actor, and our good friend). Meanwhile, I am working to get the backline ready, coordinating with our Production Manager from "Running Into The Sun" (awesome production company run by Beatrice Chai, the company also worked with us last year at Gardens By The Bay), book tickets for… Read more

New Gallery and New blog from Corrinne! 

We added some amazing pictures taken during Corrinne's concert in June at the Meadow, Gardens by the Bay, SIngapore. Thanks to all her fans for making the event so joyous and memorable.

Corrinne added a new entry to her blog under Musings. Fall is in the air!


Crooked Lines digital album added in Merch tab! (Update : More digital albums up!) 

Hello fans of Corrinne May,

Thank you all for your patience. We've finally added digital downloads available for Crooked Lines in your Merch page.  You can buy the album as a whole or only your favorite tracks individually. The album comes with album artwork as well as liner notes in PDF format.

Meanwhile, a few things are planned for September, we will be updating our Press page with magazines/ newspaper clippings as well as online links to her reviews or anything Corrinne May related.

And… Read more

Dear Singapore fans, thanks for your support. 

Dear friends,

Thank you to all of you who came out to the performances held at St. Mary of the Angels Church and also to the Hard Rock Cafe.
It was so wonderful to see so many faces, and especially lovely to see the fans who have been supporting me since my very first album.
Thank you for sharing this music journey with me. Thank you for taking home an album to share with your friends.
We've got pictures of the performances posted on the gallery tab. Do check them out.
This… Read more

About Corrinne's newest album 

‘Crooked Lines’ is the title of Corrinne May’s 5th and latest album, a title that came to her as she watched her daughter drawing with crayons one afternoon.

“She was drawing what seemed to me to be random, crooked lines all over the drawing paper, but she was telling me exactly what she was drawing- namely, a butterfly. And I thought to myself, perhaps that’s how it is in life. Life is never a journey that goes in a straight line. Just like sailing, we reach our destination with… Read more
Photo credits: Main header image by Daniel Ho, Brickwall picture by Andrew Chew/Advocate Images
Corrinne proudly endorses Taylor Guitars Lewitt